THE TENT OF MEETING recalls the biblical tent of Moses. It was created with the hope that the juxtaposition of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam…and their sharing of Abraham…would lead to conversation, perhaps even understanding in the world. The three Abrahamic traditions are represented on three separate walls. The ceiling represents the possibilities of reconciliation.

The Tent is 25′ x 40′ with a 100 square foot entry area. The walls are 10′ high and extend to 15′ in the center. I collaged the stories of the three traditions on paper, much smaller, but in scale with the eventual size. The art was then cut into strips – that was then enlarged on the copy machine. The process is Xerox on fireproof circus tent canvas that was run through an industrial engineering Xerox machine. My assistant, Donna Bone then worked with a crew to match and sew the pieces together on industrial sewing machines. In the end, each piece was 36” x 10’ for three walls and up to 36” x 15’ for the center wall and 20’ for the ceiling. Once it was sewn together and assembled, it was painted with acrylics. The Tent itself is installed on an industrial grade exterior fiberglass frame. The black cover is theatrical blackout fabric that is fireproofed according to code.

The mahogany center pole is an element that was designed by Michael Baron, a geometry scholar, to express the sacred geometry of the world. David Hykes composed Harmonic Meetings for The Tent and Charlie Ramsburg oversaw the construction, as well as drawing the mountains of the Sinai Desert. This project was completed in 1985.