Sophie Marks’ path to artistic and personal fulfillment takes her from World War II England to postwar Paris and the Italian countryside. In 1967, after the heartbreaking dissolution of a relationship, she leaves Europe. For the next two decades, she lives and paints in the American Southwest.

She does not realize how isolated she has become, until she is visited by someone from her former life. Although she is at last acclaimed as a serious artist, she returns to England to confront the hidden memories of her childhood and test the possibilities of a renewed love, a passion ripened by maturity.


A profoundly original, beautifully written work, so emotionally accurate that it tears at the heart. I read it without stopping.
–Gerald Stern

I loved Broken Colors; it went into my heart and stayed there.
—Vanessa Redgrave

This is a beautiful novel, sometimes comic and always wise.
– Library Journal

With soaring lyricism, Zackheim limns an exquisitely haunting portrait of an indelibly scarred, yet deeply passionate woman.

In a climate that is so keen on funny personal memoirs and short stories, it’s pretty ballsy to write an honest-to-goodness novel set in wartime Europe with no gimmicks. This story follows a young artist as she moves through Europe developing her voice and her views. The first section left me with actual chills.
Book Sense Notable Pick